Defending Corporations and Individuals in Government Investigations
Sep 28, 2016

Government enforcement agencies are investigating corporate conduct with unprecedented vigor and creating a regulatory environment that poses enormous risk to companies and their executives. This conference will provide (i) an overview by federal and state enforcement officials of the current regulatory landscape and of their enforcement priorities and (ii) the invaluable insight and expertise of leading white collar practitioners, including former prosecutors and government officials, on how best to deal with the substantive, procedural and logistical challenges that inevitably arise in complex white collar and regulatory investigations and enforcement actions.

The moderators and panelists will describe strategies and best practices in significant areas of interest in this difficult environment, including corporate compliance, insider trading, the FCPA, internal investigations, DOJ, SEC and Congressional investigations, and many others, and will offer practical analyses of hypothetical scenarios that participants will find incredibly useful.

Capsicum Group's President and CEO, Sandy Goldstein, shall be speaking at this event.