The Health and Life Sciences Industry

Let Us Partner in the Health of Your Organization.

The health care industry is entering a new phase defined by scientific breakthroughs in understanding diseases and a new generation of technologies that are revolutionizing the discovery and development of pharmaceuticals. Add to that, increasing consumer activism—the role of the consumer is changing. Lastly, the emergence of focused players at every point on the health-care chain is creating alternatives to vertical integration.

Needless to say, companies in the health and life sciences industry face many new challenges in building shareholder value. These issues include:

  • Restructuring the drug discovery process to maximize the impact of bioinformatics and other drug discovery technologies
  • Challenges posed by generic drug manufacturers to pioneer developers
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Health-care plan restructuring and the impact of cost containment
  • Pharmacogenomics implications on health-care delivery and management
  • Disruptive effects of consumerism on management models
  • System-wide impacts of IT and communication technologies

Face new industry challenges with us as your organization’s health advocate. Among Capsicum’s clients are national and regional health care systems, health insurers, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and academic medical centers.

We can help you plan for the next phase of health care by ensuring your organization is compliant with current health industry regulations, and by optimizing your expenditures. Our rigorous internal and external analyses include:

  • Marketing and organizational structures
  • IT planning, project management and compliance
  • Regulatory audits and compliance
  • Data mining and management
  • Purchasing patterns

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