The legal and law industry

Today’s Law Firms Must Prepare for Tomorrow.

The face of the legal industry in the U.S. has been changing over the past several decades due to a variety of factors including globalization, consolidation, new technologies, outsourcing, and changing legal regulations. Today, lawyers are no longer the only sources for legal advice. Alternative legal service providers are becoming more and more common. Also, legal processing outsourcing or LPOs farm out the tasks of legal professionals to both onshore and offshore vendors. The legal industry is experiencing an incredible rebirth.

Businesses also must conduct themselves based on the law, upholding contractual agreements, customer obligations and regulatory compliance. As customer expectations and government regulations increase, companies will have to step up their performance and efficiency, or brace themselves for a litany of litigation and nasty business disputes. It’s an environment that calls for skilled investigators and seasoned litigators who can also provide an analysis of the financial, economic and technological situation of the most complex business disputes.

Capsicum Group’s professionals have the background and insight to provide meaningful evidentiary and investigative analysis. Our team is comprised of former law enforcement and legal professionals who understand the industry. And from discovery and the development of case protocol, forensic examination, to expert witness testimony, we can help assess risk and cyber exposure, perform financial, trade secret, social media as well as market analyses, perform remediation, ascertain damages and enact preventive measures.

Our forensics team is comprised of attorneys, technologists, computer forensics, law enforcement and e-discovery professionals. We are recognized in the field of forensics as experts and have testified in local, state, federal and international courtrooms. And we were involved in the litigation of the largest trade secret infringement in recent years.

We’ve also dealt with cases, such as global bankruptcies, crimes against children, hackings, white-collar criminal defense matters, black-box recoveries, employment issues, intellectual property theft, internal investigations, espionage, family law, expert software and technology evaluations and much more.

And we pride ourselves on maintaining longstanding relationships with our clients. Over the years, we’ve provided legal support services to thousands of law firms, both small and large, including many of the AmLaw 100.

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