May 29, 2013


Photo of Capsicum consultant Brian Rosenthal

The typical path leading to a career in the computer forensics industry is law enforcement, but not all forensics professionals go this route. Brian Rosenthal knew upon graduation that he wanted to apply directly to a forensics firm to start his career. His terrific problem solving skills, keen observation and ability to find solutions from unexpected sources made him a natural fit in the industry right from the start.

While he was looking for a job in computer forensics, Brian was working at his parents’ store. A family friend came into shop, and as they were catching up Brian had a realization.  “Something she said about her best friend just clicked with me – I realized that person worked for Kroll. I asked if she could connect me. She got me an interview there, which turned into a great internship.” After a stint in Los Angeles and some time in India doing pro-bono work, Brian was ready to take on his next challenge at Capsicum.

At Capsicum, Brian’s detailed computer security knowledge and understanding of what lawyers need has made him a natural “human bridge” between the tech team and the legal team. When the company is involved in a discovery process or in the thick of litigation, Brian is an expert at searching and breaking down data so attorneys can find what they need. He also collects and analyzes evidence, writes affidavits, and reports and testifies on cases.

“One exciting case was for a board that tests students who want to become doctors. They have their own internal investigators to determine whether people are taking part in organized cheating to become doctors. We did a civil seizure at a mansion in New Jersey – protected by US Marshalls just like on TV. We took documents, cellphones, computers, searched the place.” After doing some IP tracing and investigations of emails between the mansion owner and former students, Brian and his team found enough evidence to mount a case against the owner.

The case was ultimately settled out of court.

“I love the technology -- the challenge and puzzle-solving.” That attitude and his resourcefulness are why we like having Brian on our team.

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