Oct 23, 2014

KWhitneyHeadshotCapsicum is excited to welcome the newest member to our team, Senior Consultant, Kent Whitney.  Kent’s focus at Capsicum is in the areas of cyber-security, vulnerability analysis,  information security, computer forensics investigations and technology consulting. He performs investigations in response to network security breaches and provides expert reports and opinions on security incidents.

Formerly, Kent was a Computer Network Exploitation operator with the NSA, responsible for conducting CNE operations in order to fulfill national level intelligence requirements in support of foreign intelligence efforts.  We’re sure he has some great stories, he’s just not allowed to tell us about them.

With over 7 years of military service in the United States Air Force and a role as Captain, Kent has also held such positions as Flight Commander, Sub-Element Lead and Deputy Flight Commander within multiple network warfare and communications squadrons.  His leadership and training initiatives were paramount in the development of policies regarding network traffic, incident response management, forensics and quality assurance principles such as CMMI and the Six Sigma Program.

Kent’s previous experience allows him to assist in a variety of roles at Capsicum and he is always eager to jump right in and help find a solution to the issue at hand. Most recently Kent assisted a Capsicum client with an investigation into their network logs in response to suspicious activity, within 45 minutes he discovered corporate espionage including a list of potential culprits. His findings were turned over to law enforcement for further investigation.

When not chasing down cybercriminals and researching the latest malware threats Kent enjoys cross-fit and long distance cycling. We look forward to having Kent on our team and we know that our clients will benefit from his unique skill set and experience.