Apr 22, 2014

LD5What do you do if you have a forensic data case involving 65 servers on four continents, 765 laptops, 308 tablets, and 5,100 smartphones -- all containing data that has to be put in one place and organized for review?

At Capsicum, we turn to Lesley Dancel in our eDiscovery practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With more than 11 years of experience in the legal-tech industry using such software platforms as Relativity and Law PreDiscovery for Early Case Assessment (ECA), Analytics, hosting and the like. Lesley is a “PRO” at creating order out of the chaos. “Keeping the data organized is the key to allowing our clients to focus on their clients and cases more effectively by leaving the project management and database administration burdens to us.”

Lesley knows that every client and every case has their own unique requirements. There are different culling specifications, case related searches, tagging and field requirements. Lesley manages them all while keeping the client apprised every step of the way.

“I’ve been helping clients for over 15 years now. Capsicum is doing so many exciting things in the technology marketplace that I get to be a part of. The biggest challenge is that data keeps growing – keeping it organized, and making it useful is what I do.”

But every chance she gets, this Floridian closes the laptop and heads outside with her husband and her kids. “We love the beach. It’s so great to decompress and focus on family.”