Take the Human Error Out of the Equation.

No doubt about it, manual data entry is tedious, time-consuming, and frankly, a thankless task. The fact remains, it’s a job that must be done. However, the process of separating, classifying and parsing out information can be automated. And you’ll increase the quality and accuracy of each document by reducing or eliminating the inevitable human error.

Automating tedious tasks allows your staff to focus their efforts on value-added responsibilities, such as providing customer service or following up on inquiries—two things that go a long way towards customer loyalty.

Key Benefits of Automated Forms Processing:

Accelerated Data Entry

Our data capture solution “reads” the information on forms regardless of how the information is received and will enable you to cut your document management costs by up to 80%.

Increased Data Security
Automatic document processing reduces interaction with confidential information. Sensitive data can be sent directly to specific personnel, limiting non-essential handlers.

Better Customer Service
Customer requests can be handled more efficiently and quickly, as their data can be made available in a much shorter timeframe.

Improved Data Accuracy
Regulatory compliance requirements can be better enforced. Data can be validated as its being captured. Accuracy means content retention. Security policies can be applied more reliably.

All types of data can be improved by automated form processing. Some examples include:

  • Claim forms
  • Application forms
  • New account forms
  • Order forms
  • Survey forms
  • Change request forms
  • Internal request forms
  • Expense claims
  • Time sheets

Capsicum has qualified professionals that can create a custom-tailored solution to fit your unique needs and business practices.

Contact us for a consultation on how you can optimize your data forms process.