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We’ll Find Your Lost Data.

In the age of big data and our evermore-digital world, losing data is a bitter pill to swallow. Countless losses of often priceless and irreplaceable information due to equipment failures, hardware and software deficiencies and human error commonly occur. For businesses, disasters such as fires, floods and power outages may cause the most widespread and devastating data losses.

Consider the Facts:

  • 43% of companies that experience a major data loss do not reopen. Source: DTI/Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • 80% of companies that do not recover within one month from a data loss are likely to go out of business in the immediate future. Source: Bernstein Crisis Management
  • 93% of companies that experience a data disaster are out of business within 5 years. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor

Our data recovery experts pride themselves on the ability to recover data when others have failed. A “lost cause” according to others is often not the case for us. We’ve rescued data from computers that were subjected to physical damage, accidental formats, corrupted RAID arrays and many other forms of data loss—including drives that have had fire and water damage. Not only that, but we’ve retrieved information from all types of electronic media devices including, but not limited to, back-up tapes, cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras. We’ve even recovered information from the black box of a sunken ship.

Tape Recovery

Our recovery services extend to your tape storage. We have the know-how and capability to restore your tape data, both quickly and efficiently. We’ll work with any tape format, software and hardware, processing large volumes of tapes as needed. Careful to maintain data integrity, our methods have been approved and deemed appropriate for the legal system.

One project called for 300 tapes to be read and restored—all of various tape types, software formats and mail systems. They had to be searched, culled, de-duped in less than a week. And what is usually a very lengthy and involved process, we accomplished in a matter of days.

Our recovery process includes an assessment of the media to be recovered before attempts are made. Then, we’ll offer a timeframe and a cost for data recovery. To ensure that your data is safe and secure, we adhere to strict security measures while your property is in our care.

Whether your case is small but important, such as retrieving an irreplaceable family photo, or large and demanding, like recovering the entire corporate email system, we can help—and that’s a promise.

Contact us to learn more about our data recovery services.