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When Making Decisions, Always Consult the Data.

In today’s global world, information is primarily created and stored electronically. The vast amounts of digital data can be found any number of places, including on a variety of operating systems, in multiple file formats and on various types of digital media. How do you go about synthesizing all this data in a limited amount of time? We can help.

Capsicum’s electronic discovery experts are a rare and powerful combination of knowledge and authority, providing both legal and technology perspectives. We’ll determine your specific needs and goals, and then develop a strategic plan tailored to your organization.

We’ll work with you through the entire life cycle of your project—from data preservation and acquisition, to reviews using methods such as predictive coding and early case assessment, to culling, searching and document hosting. And we’ll testify in court when our processes and procedures necessitate.

As a seasoned e-discovery provider, we’ve worked on cases involving trade secret theft, corporate fraud, intellectual property theft, employment issues and internal investigations. We’ve also trained and supported legal clients reviewing a hosted data set including more than 5 TB of data.

As a respected big data consultant, we are well versed in e-discovery best practices and legal obligations. Yet, customer service remains a top priority, and so we always strive to be cost-effective to your budget and non-intrusive to your workplace.

We can deploy nationally and globally. We are compliant with the European Union and the Department of Commerce’s Safe Harbor framework, which allows us to do data collecting in the EU.

Our E-Discovery Services include:

  • Data identification, preservation and collection from all storage mediums for seamless integration from servers, tapes, laptops, cell phones, tablets and other technologies.
  • Data processing for searching, de-duping, culling, de-nisting, etc.
  • Data production and detailed reports, such as daily review, file type reports, error logging.
  • Meticulous project management and unyielding customer service.
  • Hosting services with access to data online, anytime and from anywhere.

We are a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner. Relativity, a comprehensive web-based application, provides a feature-rich environment including: image and native file review, extensive searching capabilities, flexible interface, workflow customization, unicode and foreign language support.

Paper Discovery

When you have a need to collect, process, review and produce hard-copy evidence, we’re there for you as well. We work with many leading law firms, specializing in complex matters that are too large or too rushed to be completely handled internally. And we can have industry experts working 24/7 to meet your production requests, on time and accurately.

Regardless of size, every project follows the same rigorous quality control procedures.  Projects begin with a chain of custody, as well as written and oral instructions. Prior to delivery, a visual inspection of every page, load file and special instructions are double checked to confirm accuracy. This level of quality and service ensures that your case will run uninterrupted.

Our Paper Discovery Services include:

  • B/W copying and imaging
  • Color copying and imaging
  • High-speed color and black/white printing
  • OCR and coding
  • Electronic bates stamping
  • Oversized copying and imaging
  • Binding
  • Electronic closing binders
  • CD/DVD duplication

Contact us to learn how we can help you with your data discovery needs.