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Capsicum Group LLC Presents Cyber Crimes, Hackings and How to Guide Your Clients Through a Breach CLE to Multiple Ft. Lauderdale Law Firms; Presents at Philadelphia Bar Association on Digital Forensics and Employment Law

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Philadelphia, PA — (SBWIRE) — 04/11/2017 — Capsicum Group, LLC, a technology consulting firm specializing in digital forensics, e-discovery, and cybersecurity in South Florida, was honored to present to multiple Ft. Lauderdale law firms on cyber crime, hacking, and how to guide clients through a breach.

The CLE entitled “Cyber Crimes, Hackings, and How to Guide Your Client Through a Breach” reviews the basics of security breach incidents, and the necessity to be able to respond to a breach quickly and to minimize the cost and exposure of a cyberattack. Capsicum Group’s CEO and President, Sandy Goldstein, presented to a series of Ft. Lauderdale law firms in order to educate attorneys on the most typical cyberattacks (i.e. data breaches, hacking, phishing, malware, etc.), what precautions can be taken (i.e. penetration tests, incident response plans, security health checks, policies and procedure audits, etc.), what to do when an incident has taken place (i.e. determine if it is significant, public relations, legal, compliance, data preservation, response, working with law enforcement, etc.) and how best to support your clients during this stressful time.

Additionally, Capsicum Group’s Corporate Counsel and Director of Business Development, Leeza Garber, Esq., presented a CLE for the Philadelphia Bar Association the CLE, entitled “The Forensic Fruits of a Labor (& Employment) Client,” diligently explained the forensically defensible procedures for preserving data, employment law evidentiary standards and obligations as related to digital evidence, and real-world cases and examples. As clients utilize social media messenger applications, smartphones with encryption capabilities, cloud-based backup systems and a variety of email platforms, this CLE addressed the necessity of remaining abreast on how the rules of evidence and evolving case law interact with a changing digital landscape.

Capsicum Group’s team of professionals are equipped to take on the most complex projects, from devising cybersecurity procedures, responding to hackings, performing digital forensics investigations in NYC, and assisting with cybersecurity compliance in South Florida. Our clients are in big cities like New York, Washington, Ft. Lauderdale and Philadelphia as well on tropical islands, ships, airplanes, and rural farming areas.

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Capsicum Group, LLC, is a Philadelphia, PA-based consulting company that assists law firms and in-house counsel as well as companies in the technology, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, retail and educational fields succeed in legal, regulatory, and technology projects. Since 2000, they have helped clients with digital forensics, cybersecurity, e-discovery, data recovery, restoration, and compliance cases. In addition to their Philadelphia headquarters, Capsicum has offices in New York, Georgia and Florida. For details on cybersecurity, digital forensics, technology consulting and e-discovery services available from Capsicum Group, visit the Capsicum Group website at http://www.capsicumgroup.com or call 888-220-3101.