Protecting the Integrity of Higher Education

Digital forensic investigations, cybersecurity, and anti-corruption are the names of this game. To often, as higher education professionals, you’ve heard the horror stories of network breaches, compromised cybersecurity, IP theft, and falsified standardized test scores.

To prevent these issues, it is important to establish governance, compliance, and anti-corruption programs as well as employee vigilant monitoring. Should a crisis occur, it is equally as important to enlist an expert computer forensics team you trust.

Why Work with Capsicum

Capsicum works with large universities, small specialty colleges, and accreditation agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing governance, compliance, and anti-corruption programs. We identify weaknesses and make recommendations to minimize exposure and risk as well as develop appropriate responses to issues that may arise. We work with your internal compliance and risk management team to enhance or redesign your governance, compliance, and anti-corruption programs. We also can help develop a code of conduct with formal training to your team to ensure policies and regulations are integrated and adhered to throughout your institute.

Capsicum can also act as your independent monitor, providing ongoing inspections and health checks to validate the effectiveness of your governance, ethics, compliance, and anti-corruption programs. We can additionally support your organization with generating and evaluating reports of alleged misconduct, IP theft, and serve as your court-appointed independent monitor if needed.

Services include:

  • Digital forensics investigations
  • Compliance and governance
  • Anti-corruption
  • IP theft
  • Cybersecurity
  • Advanced preventative technologies  

Capsicum provides a layer of technical support that is desperately needed in our highly computerized workplace. 

Our Services

Digital Forensics Investigations

Properly presented digital evidence is irrefutable in the courtroom.

Paper & Electronic Discovery

Your trusted big data consultants and discovery experts no matter the case.

Cyber Security

Your data is too valuable. Protect your investment with security testing, penetration tests, incident response retainers, regulatory compliance, and more.

Incident Response Retainer

When responding to a cyber breach or attack, there’s no room for uncertainty.

Regulatory Compliance

Never spend another moment worrying if you’re in compliance. With our regulatory expertise, you’re in the best hands.


No matter your organization’s size or the challenge, when it comes to infrastructure, programming, and security, we have the IT services that fit.


  • Adelphia Trust

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