America's leading law firms and the Courts recognize that advanced technology has changed the way information is managed, sorted and presented. The Federal Courts now require the use of digital evidence in all cases where it is financially justifiable.

The legal and law industry

A new competitive landscape is emerging in financial services. Deregulation and the globalization of finance are inaugurating industry-wide consolidation as companies merge to gain economies of scale, eliminate excess capacity and cut costs.

Financial Institutions

Our consultants understand many of the critical issues affecting the health and lifesciences industry, including government health policy, the drug discovery and development process, manufacturing, supply chain management, transfer pricing, e-business, marketing and sales strategy, and changing consumer behaviors.

The Health and Life Sciences Industry

We work with high-tech companies in industries such as computing and telecommunications to make sense of the changes transforming their industries, define winning business models suited to the new competitive environment, and implement those models to create competitive advantage.

The Technology and Communications Industry

The pace of change continues to quicken. Manufacturing, retail and distribution companies are urgently rethinking, reorganizing and reengineering their businesses so they can outperform their competitors and become more profitable.

The Manufacturing Retail and Distribution Industry