Build & Support An Ironclad Real Estate Tech Environment

The real estate and construction industries continue to experience groundbreaking change. The use of advanced technologies during acquisition, design, building, selling, and managing the property lifecycle is very different than the “nail and hammer” mentality of the past. 

Thus, the leaders of the real estate and construction services industry must adapt in order to succeed in today’s dynamic economic landscape. They must operate using the best technical practices and capabilities available.

That’s where we step in. 

Why Work with Capsicum

We help our clients navigate through this dynamic landscape, partnering with real estate and construction firms ranging commercial to residential. We address the issues critical to your bottom line and ensure your organization is always ahead of the curve.

Tap into our expertise in real estate cyber security and privacy assessments, incident response, real estate-based forensics investigations, litigation and discovery analysis, technology with specialization in networks, servers, remote devices, video, web-site development, application systems like Yardi, and information technology. 

Our services include:

  • Technology “health checks”
  • Infrastructure support
  • Security and privacy assessments/retainers
  • Incident response and breach analysis
  • Forensic investigations
  • Application systems: Yardi
  • Media recover and restoration

Capsicum provides a layer of technical support that is desperately needed in our highly computerized workplace.

Our Services

Digital Forensics Investigations

Properly presented digital evidence is irrefutable in the courtroom.

Paper & Electronic Discovery

Your trusted big data consultants and discovery experts no matter the case.

Cyber Security

Your data is too valuable. Protect your investment with security testing, penetration tests, incident response retainers, regulatory compliance, and more.

Incident Response Retainer

When responding to a cyber breach or attack, there’s no room for uncertainty.

Regulatory Compliance

Never spend another moment worrying if you’re in compliance. With our regulatory expertise, you’re in the best hands.


No matter your organization’s size or the challenge, when it comes to infrastructure, programming, and security, we have the IT services that fit.


  • RAIT
  • LCOR
  • Brandywine
  • Balfour Beatty

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