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Capsicum Is Ready To Assist During Disasters

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Capsicum Group

Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc upon the people of the Caribbean, Western and Central Florida, the Carolina’s, and other parts of the United States East Coast. While we are grateful to report that all members of Capsicum’s Ft. Lauderdale office are safe, we understand that many are suffering due to this Hurricane's devastation. 
Many of us think back nearly ten years to Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the Northeast with storm surges, water and wind devastating homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, transportation systems, and the massive repair and re-building that went on for years. As such, we thank first responder organizations such as FEMA, The Red Cross, Police, Fire, The National Guard, and other health, rescue, and repair organizations that are quick to help those in need. 
Should you need technology assistance in the wake of this tragedy, Capsicum is able to provide data recovery services. Many businesses have disaster recovery plans, but few have a data recovery company in mind when their computer / cell phone / surveillance / server / etc. data becomes unavailable. When systems do not work, and your business cannot operate properly, the recovery of your data is critical. We all hope natural disasters and resulting computer failures do not affect you and your business, but should your business find itself in that situation, we can help.

Sunshine will return to Florida, the Caribean, and throughout the East Coast. While we hope the impact of Ian is minimal, we know for many it is not. Please let us know if we can help. We are deeply sorry for those who have suffered loss.