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Computer Forensics NYC

Capsicum Group, LLC has a major office in New York, located at 1350 Broadway, Suite 1800, NY, NY. Capsicum offers a variety of technology services from its NYC office and beyond, including computer forensics, digital forensics, electronic discovery, paper copy services and paper discovery. For legal matters, Capsicum offers world-class computer forensics, e-discovery and paper hard copy services professionals to give your law firm an advantage in court.

Legal Discovery

Capsicum maintains a strong relationship with the legal community (in NYC, New York and the rest of the United States). Capsicum professionals possess unparalleled experience in all areas of digital forensics and electronic discovery. Our e-discovery and paper discovery experts have worked on complex cases involving trade secret theft, corporate fraud, intellectual property theft, employment issues and internal investigations.

Paper Discovery

Capsicum’s hard copy legal evidence services may complement your case work, as we assist with paper production requests 24/7 from our NY office. Capsicum’s industry experts can tackle your production requests in order to certify that your matter is handled on time and accurately. The high level of quality that Capsicum offers ensures that your case will run uninterrupted.

E Discovery

Regardless of size, every e discovery project follows the same rigorous quality control and data security procedures. Capsicum is not only a seasoned and expert e discovery provider, but also a Relativity Premium Hosting Partner. We can ingest all computer forensics findings and streamline the legal discovery process. Today, federal courts recognize the importance of digital forensics and digital evidence in cases where electronic data exists and it is justifiable. The courts recognize that properly presented digital evidence is as irrefutable as a signed, hard copy contract. An organization that retains a computer forensics team will certainly gain an advantage in court. We are recognized in the field of forensics services as experts and have testified in state, federal and international courtrooms. Capsicum has assisted boutique, mid-size and large law firms in NYC and elsewhere. With Philadelphia roots, Capsicum offers world-class expertise and professionalism in cutting edge technology and hard copy services from its major offices in New York, Philadelphia, and Fort Lauderdale.