Leading Through the Coronavirus Crisis: A Message From Dean John Quelch of Miami Herbert Business School

Written By

Sean Goldstein

Miami Herbert Business School Dean John Quelch lays out how leaders in business need to respond to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Watch the full video below for the complete list of insights from Dean Quelch: 


Dean Quelch enumerates his "7 Cs of Leadership" for manager and leaders to consider in the face of COVID-19:

  1. Calm  – Display a sense of calm in the face of uncertainty. 
  2. Confidence  – Demonstrate confidence that the organization will persevere through adversity. 
  3. Communication  – Strategically but rapidly keep your team in the loop. 
  4. Collaboration  – Rely on the resources of your team and work together to navigate and overcome uncertainty.
  5. Community  – All of us live in communities; now more than ever, we need to watch out for one another.
  6. Compassion  – Some people will be more affected by the uncertainty than others, and everyone’s concerns should be treated as legitimate. 
  7. Cash  – Leaders must take steps to ensure the security of both short-term and long-term finances.