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Capsicum’s Headline News Debut: Raising America with Kyra Phillips

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Capsicum Group

Capsicum Group, LLC was pleased to participate in a recent Headline News (HLN) special, “Raising America” with Kyra Phillips. 

HLN, a division of CNN’s World Wide network reaching more than 100 million households in the U.S., focuses on the stories causing the most buzz around the country.  During the show, our team provided expert advice and knowledge in the areas of IT security consulting, ethical hacking, and computer forensics. Our team traveled to Atlanta to shoot the footage for the one-hour special titled “Hacking – Who’s Watching You?”.  

The show, which aired on Thursday, September 26th, provided viewers with a startling look at the vulnerabilities and dangers of the internet which included some very popular in-home technology.  Capsicum’s “ethical hackers” found their way into personal computers, took control of video baby monitors, security cameras, and internal microphones.  Our team conducted deep internet analysis as well, to highlight what types of private information can be uncovered from an individual’s online presence.

Sandy Goldstein, President and CEO of Capsicum Group, served as HLN’s computer forensic and security expert providing advice to families concerned about their exposure to hackers and online predators.  Certified IT security experts from four Capsicum Group offices worked on the program for several weeks, lending their network security, penetration testing, ethical hacking and internet analysis expertise. Sandy provided a few takeaways to the viewing audience, regarding what can be done to protect your home and family against hackers and online predators.

  1. Use complex passwords and DO NOT share them.  Never send a password electronically.
  2. Communicate with your children and monitor their online presence.
  3. Make sure your wireless technology is up to date.  Educate yourself on the available technologies.

We were thrilled to be a part of the discussion and hope that the families who watched the show will take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their privacy. 

To view Capsicum’s appearance in full, CLICK HERE.