Fast, Accurate Searching, Culling & Processing

Production of unstructured data is only as good as the team that processes it.  Capsicum’s Searches, Culling and Productions services are designed for corporations, law firms and government agencies that require quick, accurate and complete metadata preservation, searching, culling, and deduplication. We have the tools (off-the-shelf and custom) and best practices to process, decrypt, and recover the most complex data.  


  • Many petabytes of processed data, worldwide
  • Expertise in recovering or processing files in virtually any format
  • Support for audio, chat and custom, proprietary files

Processing and Production Services Overview

Media Receipt, Chain-of-Custody and Data Verification

After data collection has occurred, Capsicum will take custody of the media; initiate a Chain-of-Custody; validate the receipt and authenticity.


Data will be loaded at all levels, parent-child relationships and metadata kept intact. Additional steps based upon client needs may include deNISTing of system and software files and metadata culling.


Comparison of unique keys for each file globally, by custodian or through other factors. Unique documents can be flagged and retained. Duplicate documents removed while audit trails remain.

Reporting and Analysis

Clients get reports on processing exceptions as well as data composition, along with analysis and recommendations of how the data set may be further culled.

Import Into Relativity or other Review Tool

Capsicum will host or produce load files for the review tool of your choice.

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