Intensive Database & App Forensics Investigations Done Right

Application and database forensic investigations are not for the faint of heart. Very few have conducted this type of investigation and even fewer have done it correctly. At Capsicum we gather this type of data on a regular basis without investing unreasonable time imaging entire technical environments which almost always adds nothing to the investigation. Application data is a rich source of information when an experienced eye knows where to look. While many applications have similarities, looking for accounting data in QuickBooks or an Excel spreadsheet is very different than looking for like information in SAP/Oracle/Yardi and other enterprise application systems.

Database Experience is Key

Likewise, Database forensics from an Access database can be very different than extractions from SharePoint, SQL, Oracle and the like. Experience in database tables, scripting, loading/unloading, systems logs, and the recovery and restoration of missing information is key. 

Whether it’s a criminal case, civil case, investigation, or you just need to preserve data for possible litigation, Capsicum can deliver. Application and Database systems are the lifeblood of most businesses. Finding, preserving and collecting evidence from these systems requires technical and forensic skills. We are skilled technologists with experience in major application and database systems. 

Our application and database forensics services include:

  • Forensically capturing data
  • Analyzing the data that we collect
  • Providing detailed reports and/or testimony
  • Gathering key metadata 
  • Recovering lost information
  • Generating timelines

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