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Today, federal courts recognize the use of digital evidence in certain cases where electronic data exists and it is authentic. The courts recognize that properly presented digital evidence is as irrefutable as a signed contract.

In some cases, digital evidence may be the only evidence. And most companies conduct their business online or electronically. Thus, an organization that retains a computer forensics team will certainly gain an advantage in court. In other words, you need a pro.

Never Enter a Courtroom without a Forensics Expert

Capsicum is experienced in all areas of digital forensics, from the most complex to extremely sensitive. We were involved in the litigation of the largest trade secret infringement in recent years and have dealt with such cases as:

  • Global bankruptcies 
  • Crimes against children 
  • Hackings
  • White-collar criminal defense 
  • Black box recoveries
  • Employment issues 
  • Intellectual property theft 
  • Internal investigations
  • Employment and labor matters
  • Family law

Our forensics team is comprised of attorneys, technologists, computer forensics specialists, and e-discovery experts. We are recognized in the field of forensics as experts and have testified in state, federal and international courtrooms.

We Specialize in Forensics Investigations

A forensics investigation conducted by Capsicum is an all-inclusive approach, which starts at protocols and interviews, digital evidence collection and preservation, and recovery of missing data. It continues with analysis and hosting, and culminates in preparing affidavits, depositions, reports, and testifying in court. But, we don’t stop there if you need us.

Our consultants are certified private investigators and professionals who have worked in such government agencies as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, FBI, Homeland Security, NASA, and U.S. Army Military Intelligence. We’ve investigated numerous cases including:

  • White collar crimes
  • Fraud and security breaches
  • National security and espionage
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Corporate scandals
  • Mergers and acquisitions

As part of our services, we can assist you in fact finding as well as analyzing and interpreting technology findings. And as a trusted, objective party, we will help you through the critical decision-making process so you’re well informed to determine final actions.


About Capsicum Group  

Employing high-caliber experts and a unique understanding of data, technology, and the law, Capsicum Group’s team of professionals are equipped to take on the most complex projects. Capsicum is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with offices in New York City (NYC), South Florida, Texas, and California.


Digital Forensics Investigations Services

Internal Investigations, Intellectual Property Theft, Employment Litigation & What Comes Next

Capsicum conducts discreet internal investigations...


Metadata is descriptive information about a file, which is embedded within the file itself.

Spyware Investigations

Do you think your phone is being monitored or bugged? Has your computer been breached?

Electronic Medical Records

We have identified fraud in medical records and images; analyzed nursing home videos for malpractice...

Fraud & White Collar Investigations

Capsicum has years of experience investigating the technology and data making up trade secret theft, money laundering, tax...

Application & Database Forensics

Application and database forensic investigations are not for the faint of heart. Very few have conducted this type of investigation...

Social Media Investigations

Social Media investigations are much more than just taking screenshots. At Capsicum, we capture web pages...

Deleted File Recovery

Losing your personal or business data is always unnerving, and at times, devastating. This is why our technologists work...

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