Data Collection: The Silver Bullet During Discovery

Collections are a vital part of the discovery process and can eventually lead to the silver bullet that cracks the case. Whether your case is domestic or international, small or large, civil or criminal, Capsicum responds rapidly to data collection requests. With deep expertise in data collections throughout the USA, North America, and around the world, we are the logical partner for you and your firm.

Data Collections Across Every Continent

Capsicum has collected evidence from every populated continent. We provide this service in a defensible manner, and recover data from systems and media others cannot—with proper documentation on secured encrypted storage. In fact, for one client, Capsicum remotely remediated over 1,700 computers located in more than 60 countries. We have custom proprietary remediation tools allowing us to save our client significant time, costs and inconvenience. 

Capsicum customizes, designs and develops forensically sound  tools for data collection and extraction that provide functionality not available in commercially available software, including integration, reporting and expanded file type processing.

We have performed thousands of collections across many different media and platforms, including:

  1. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, & Hard Drives

Collection formats vary depending on client needs and include: forensic images, live images, targeted collections, and more.

  1. Network File Shares 

Done by collecting “live” images or targeted collections as these methods are less intrusive to server operations along with forensic imaging.  

  1. Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, & Internet Email

Capsicum has collected terabytes of emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, texts, deleted items, and more. from Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Internet based email systems.

  1. Social Media 

Social Media is constantly evolving and presenting new privacy challenges. We have developed proprietary collection methods allowing us to gather data were other do not.  

  1. Mobile Devices  

Recovering data such as texts, videos, and emails from mobile devices can offer a wealth of information. We are able to extract data from all types of phones including those that have been damaged or destroyed. 

  1. Backup Tapes  

We work with any tape format, backup software and hardware, processing large volumes of data on working or non-working media. 

  1. Databases & Applications & Websites

Depending on the request, tables can be exported, views can be created, and reports can be processed. The resulting exports and extracts can be delivered in a new database as spreadsheets, delimited files, or in an online or local reporting system.

  1. Video and Audio

Video enhancements, tamper detection, and surveillance video analysis to enhance clarity to lighting, picture quality, blurred text, and playback speed allow us to prepare videos for court presentation. Capsicum may add subtitles, side-by-side video playback, labeling of certain objects, or highlighting of certain objects.

Audio forensics includes authenticity analysis, intelligibility, audio enhancement, and forensic phonetics. Authenticity analysis deciphers if a recording is original and if it has been tampered with; intelligibility reviews how a recording occurred and the equipment used; audio enhancement is the process of cleaning excess noise hindering the sound comprehension of a recording; forensic phonetics is the analysis of who spoke in a video and what was said.

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