Keep Calm & Recover Deleted Files

Losing your personal or business data is always unnerving, and at times, devastating. This is why our technologists work around the clock and can recover data from any failed media. 

Whether it’s a lost term paper, family photos, or a major corporation or government agency with multiple hard drive failures in a RAID array, we offer a full range of deleted file recovery services to fit your needs.

Expert Testimony for Deleted Data

We can identify if files were removed on purpose and testify in court as to their spoliation. Capsicum understands data, its deletion as well as recovery. When you have information that must be restored and you want a qualified, certified, capable, smart vendor – turn to Capsicum.

We specialize in recovering: 

  • Deleted files
  • Crashed hard drives
  • Damaged phones and computers
  • Tapes
  • Cameras
  • Audio
  • Black boxes 
  • Failed RAID arrays

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