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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the risks of cyber theft, fraud and abuse grow. As technology advances so does the sophistication of cyber threats. Today it’s more important than ever to have a plan in place before an emergency arises to avoid chaos in a stressful situation.

No one can assume they are safe and every organization needs to stay vigilant. Even the most secure network can be breached. And if a breach does occur, proper procedures must immediately be followed to ensure that such volatile evidence as RAM and log files are preserved. The importance of obtaining an experienced, knowledgeable security consultant can’t be stressed enough.

This is where we come in. Our incident responders are skillful practitioners with many years of experience in capturing data and analyzing even the most intricate computer breaches. We spring into action, working to first limit its impact and then identify the source of the infiltration.

In addition, we perform a network forensics investigation—examining your infrastructure and setting up wiretaps and detection devices such as anti-virus software and IDS (intrusion detection systems). We will determine if and where it has spread in your network by using patterns to identify other infected machines, as well as anticipate where it may spread in order to mitigate the problem.

A Capsicum Incident Response includes:

  • Data Collection: Capture data to preserve evidence—both volatile and static information in your system.
  • Forensic Analysis: Analyze the evidence to identify the route of the attack and the intruder.
  • Legal Support: Collaborate with your legal team or law enforcement in drafting subpoenas and other documents to establish the identity of the intruder.
  • Threat Removal:Manage and support the eradication of the issue.
  • Forensic Investigation Plus: Examine and deploy recommended security solutions for your network.

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, the average organizational cost of a data breach was $7.2 million, costing companies an average of $214 per compromised record.

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