Internal Investigation

Capsicum conducts discreet internal investigations for possible incidents of fraud and other malfeasance. Our digital forensic team can recreate computer usage and behaviors to uncover evidence establishing motive, means, and opportunity.  We work closely with general counsel, senior executives, audit committees, receivers, and outside counsel to determine and present the truth.

Intellectual Property

Many companies make investments in trade secrets and other sensitive intellectual property. This mission-critical data is often at risk of being stolen. Although media attention focuses on threats from outside hackers, most acts of data misappropriation are committed by departing employees. Capsicum helps clients identify potential data theft by forensically analyzing the data sources, conducting independent reviews of code, establishing timelines and getting to the source of the suspected breach.

Employment Litigation

The employment litigation matters that we address include alleged employment discrimination, theft and wage and hour disputes, and termination. Computer forensics can be important in these matters by establishing the facts associated with:

  • Actual time worked  
  • Personal time spent while at work
  • Email and text message communications
  • Social Media communications
  • Time keeping record authenticity
  • Internet usage
  • Vehicle usage

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