Simplify with Managed Review

The traditional review process in which large teams of attorneys or contractors manually investigate documents seems like a thing of the past. With large electronic datasets and technology driven reviews at the forefront, the combination of lawyer-technologist experts is a must when applying early case assessment (ECA), analytics, and technology assisted review (TAR). These defensible solutions dramatically increase productivity and accuracy.

Capsicum offers a flexible delivery model for your consideration – regardless of the complexity, duration or location of your document review.

Skilled Review Professionals On Demand

Getting the right team in place is critical to a successful managed review.  By providing appropriate legal staffing at the outset, our clients stay on track to meet production deadlines.

Whether you need a few key contributors or a team of 100, our highly-skilled, contract attorneys and legal professionals are ready when you say go.

Capsicum is ready to jump into action.  

We offer:

  • Access to advanced tools and technology
  • A strong pool of available candidates, especially in major markets
  • Rapid turnaround, for even the largest projects
  • Comprehensive training and orientation
  • Immediate & Targeted Support

Additional staffing capabilities include:

  • Multilingual legal talent for reviews and special projects

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