Penetration Testing is Invaluable

As experts in the industry, we’ve heard the horror stories. We can’t emphasize enough the need to be prepared. Penetration testing is a critical preventative measure that provides an offensive look at your computer network’s security. It’s an investment in your security.

Put Your Network Security to the Test with Our Ethical Hackers

At Capsicum, we’ll put our team of professionals—Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators (CHFI) at work on your network, mining for vulnerabilities. During a penetration test, we perform an “ethical hack” and emulate an intruder attempting to break into your system. This test often reveals undetected coding errors and gauges the potential impact of a security breach when sensitive data is found to be accessible. 

We provide the necessary steps to remediate the problem and our seasoned security experts will patch your security gaps with the least amount of disturbance to your organization. We’re discreet, thorough, and most importantly, secure. You can be confident that we take every precaution to ensure your company’s privacy, data, and its infrastructure is protected. Our clients include healthcare companies and financial institutions whose data is extremely sensitive.

Our penetration testing and vulnerability assessments include:

  • Foot Printing
  • Vulnerability Identification
  • Exploitation (automatic and manual)
  • Social Engineering
  • Network Systems and Application Attacks
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Code Reviews Are Equally Important

Often called a “peer review,” a code review examines your computer applications source code. This systematic review process is utilized to find and correct vulnerabilities and coding errors that were missed in the initial development phase to improve the quality of the software’s security. 

Not All Code Reviews Are Created Equal

Many software engineers use automated code review programs due to the vast amount of code for any one program. However, the quality of code review hinges greatly upon the tools used and level of experience in execution.

Our programmers and security consultants have decades of experience within the legal justice system, regulatory compliance, law enforcement, and more. So, not only have we seen how severely a business can be impacted by a security issue, we understand your business profile from the inside out. We’ve solved hundreds of cases with a proven success rate in our own industry.

Our code review services include:

  • Reviewing source code in applications across the system for programming mistakes.
  • Eliminating common errors, such as buffer overflows, dangling pointers, SQL injection, cross-site scripting that enable attacks.
  • Automated tools and manual inspections, offering your company a customized approach that fits your needs and budget.

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