IT Reviews for Regulatory Compliance

Organizations must recognize and manage the risks associated with advanced technologies. Sensitive information and systems are increasingly subject to attacks by disgruntled employees, unscrupulous competitors, malicious cyber actors and more. Industry based regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH and SOX mandate thorough and frequent reviews to maintain compliance. By taking a holistic view of information technology we can all sleep better tonight.

Capsicum Offers:

Social Engineering Testing

Our team executes planned attacks to test your resilience. We test for weaknesses in advance of bad acts.

Application & Mobile Security Testing

We assess your custom and off-the-shelf applications and your mobile environment to evaluate security posture. We determine the root cause and provide remediation guidance.

Hardware, Operating Systems, Network & Cloud Penetration Testing

We conduct analysis to identify vulnerabilities, carry out tests of your infrastructure, in an attempt to compromise systems.  Once identified, we can assist in remediation.

Cloud & Host Configuration Review

We find the vulnerabilities and insecure deployment in storage solutions and application systems.

Code Review

We evaluate your mission-critical software applications to identify vulnerabilities as we pinpoint the exact line of code where the problems exist.

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