Train Your Employees to Prevent Cyber Threats

Cyber-resilience requires continuous learning and maturation. Help empower your employees to prevent cyber threats. Capsicum’s security awareness training educates your personnel to understand the risks and threats posed by this ever evolving cyber world.  Each employee is an access point to your business network and as such must be aware of the risks and work to protect and company assets. 

Cyber Security Training Made Easy

Capsicum’s experienced team offers customizable training, based on the needs and culture of your organization. While we are constantly adding to our training offering, and offer the following areas of study:

  • Data Security
  • Password Maintenance (best practices)
  • Use of Authorized vs. Unauthorized Software (Malicious downloads)
  • Appropriate Internet & Email use
  • Social Engineering (Phishing, Whaling,  & other methods)
  • Mobile Device Security
  • General Device and Network protection
  • Physical Security (Privacy Screens, ID badges, reporting)
  • Policy Management and Publishing

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