Social Media Investigations & Digital Forensics

Information-Rich, Defensible in Court

Social Media investigations are much more than just taking screenshots. At Capsicum, we capture web pages and applications in a forensically sound manner, which is defensible in a court of law. 

Social media is a rich source of information for investigators if done properly. Whether it’s in a criminal case, civil case investigation, or you just want to properly look into someone’s background, social media can be a treasure trove of information. People spend more time on social media than any other internet activity, including email. 

Forensic Skills are a Must for Social Media Investigations

Finding, preserving, and collecting social media evidence often requires forensic skills, as well as an understanding of the laws that govern its collection and use. It’s important for investigators to be aware of the possibilities and limitations of social media forensics. We are certified forensic experts who have significant experience documenting and collecting data from social media websites.

Our social media investigation services include:

  • Researching Social Media and Internet profiles
  • Forensically capturing profile data
  • Analyzing the data that we collect
  • Providing detailed reports and/or testimony
  • Gather private user data 
  • Capture and review public data, maps and photos
  • Resetting search optimization
  • Generate timelines
  • Acquire HTML-based web pages   
  • Determine intentions and  interests 
  • Explore location history
  • Analyze posts, likes, events and connections to  better understand interests, relationships,  opinions and daily activities

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