Expert Spyware Investigations

Do you think your phone is being monitored or bugged? Has your computer been breached? Is somebody spying on you through your computer, phone or with video or audio equipment? Our experts leverage advanced forensics and cyber intelligence to detect threats. We answer your security questions and help protect you and your assets.

Signs you may have spyware:

  • Activities on phone that you can’t explain
  • Rapidly draining battery
  • Others seems to know about your activities without a good explanation
  • Phone rings but no one is on the line
  • Pop-ups or digital activity on computer that can’t be explained
  • Your computer is processing much slower than normal
  • Certain applications will close without explanation
  • Missing documents or documents that move from one location to another

What cyber-spies can do to your phone, computer, audio, or video equipment:

  • Turn on the speaker phone remotely and eavesdrop on your conversations in your home
  • Turn on a home webcam and watch your every move remotely
  • Monitor all your activity on your computer down to each keystroke
  • Extract banking information and passwords and drain accounts
  • Copy your contacts
  • Use your identity
  • Steal personal data or documents

Our spyware experts determine if these types of activities are taking place and are prepared to remedy the issue(s) as well as work with law enforcement and legal to seek justice.

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